Meteoroids! released and available!

Meteoroids! has been released and is available! After a long night of fighting with the Kongregate API, I was finally able to get the game to report to the leaderboards :).

Not that the Kongregate API is very difficult, but more that it takes forever to test due to the upload/reload/test necessity. That and my newness to mixing external javascript calls in Unity was a bit grueling at times. All-in-all though, I’m pretty happy with the end result. Now to rest for a bit and see what folks think.

Give it a try and let me know what you think, click on one of the following:

Head on over to the Meteoroids! page for download / play info.


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Meteoroids! – Final steps to release: Pt2

Excellent, my IndieDB page is live! You can find it here:

The game itself is completed at this point and I’m shooting for a release of Sept 12, just a few days away! There is always the chance that I might go for a last minute change that might extend that release date, but I doubt it. All that remains is to try and increase awareness for folks to try it out. If you feel like helping, you can FB Like or tweet about us (top right), Thumb up the trailer video, or otherwise just pass the word around.

As mentioned previously, if I can generate interest then I will continue work on the game and introduce a scenario that can be won, rather than just the score crushing survival mode. This story mode will include the ability to manually increase the power of the Resources and Workers and will culminate in creating Resources that will launch and free groups from the obliterating world. So very 2012 :). Hopefully I can even have that version available before the end of the year. The plan is also to include online leaderboards and more social web aspects. Currently, some of that will be available in the Kongregate version once that is released.

For now though, time for press kit creation and telling a bit more about ETP Games and myself. Unfortunately, I always find that to be the hardest part :).

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Final steps to release.

At this point I think everything is a go, build-wise. I’ve requested an IndieDB page for Meteoroids! and am waiting for approval. The next step would be to see what’s involved in wrangling the code to work with Kongregate for the web release; hopefully it will follow shortly after main release. Then to solidifying the media for the game and hitting up blogs and such – spreading the word as best I can.

The short term goal is to gauge interest in the project and gameplay. Given that the interest is there, the longer term goal is to continue development to finish the game. The current free release will be a survival mode of the game; added will be a winnable scenario, akin to a story mode. There may also be an accompanying graphic background story.

The graphic novel idea is something that I’ve wanted to do from the beginning, but is not integral to the releases of the game. I had just wanted to incorporate all the various creative aspects into the creation.

With this game I have so far learned and/or incorporated:

  • 3d modeling with Blender.
  • Graphics and textures with Gimp.
  • Music and sound effects with Linux MultiMedia Studio.
  • Programming C# and Unity3d game engine use.

So the graphic novel (more the size of a small comic) would just round it off. The end goal is to pass along this information to my children from the perspective of actually having completed a full project.

Stay tuned for the download location. I should be providing that update soon!

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Meteoroids! almost ready for release.

Just a quick note before I fall asleep: the game I’ve been working on, Meteoroids!, is almost ready for release. I believe this release will be free and you can find info and a trailer at the Meteoroids! game info page. The page is sparse at the moment, to be better fleshed out soon.

Though the game is almost done, I’m extremely tempted to halt work on it for a bit to attempt the Ludum Dare competition this weekend. Ludum Dare is a friendly competition to create a game based on a theme in 48 hours. Unfortunately, the sands of time are quickly draining away.

More updates to come. For now, sleep (hah, not very dev-like of me).

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Torchlight2 distractions

Shortly after my last post I found out that I had a Runic Games’ Torchlight 2 open beta key in my mailbox. Runic Games released the beta as a way to stress test their servers for the internet play co-op feature. Considering that TL has been one of my favorite games recently, and definitely my most successful mod, I jumped on the chance to give it a whirl.

Torchlight 2 Berserker

While TL2 is much of the same, I absolutely love that about the game. And, while the beta held enough content to almost stand on its own as a full game, it was only a small part of the full release. Spanning up to level 21 and containing one of the primary boss battles, the taste that we were given shows that we’re definitely in for a serious treat. I really can’t wait until the full release and, more specifically, the release of the modding tools.

Runic Games Torchlight 2 Berserker character

Admitting that I probably spent too much time playing Torchlight2, I should also mention that I had a more focused reason for it.  I recently re-acquainted myself with CamStudio and discovered VLMC and figured this would be a perfect chance to test those products out in video creation. There’s been some glitches, but I’m impressed with their capabilities so far (not to say I’ve done too much testing yet).

Hopefully I’ll make another post soon on with the link to the Torchlight 2 video and what I encountered in creation of the video.

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Still alive and kicking

One year.

Scratch that… Over one year.

Yeah, that’s how long it’s been since my last update. I didn’t fully fall off the face of the earth, but there’s been quite a few things going on in my family life that has mostly kept me away from the public side of ETP Games. Not that I haven’t been working on creative products; I’ve just been neglecting this space, sadly.

When last I visited

I had been finishing up my game, DevOne. While wrapping up some things related to the game and release, I started getting back into my artwork a bit and created a deviantART space as part of that exploration. You can find me on deviantART at:

A Mouse named Emissary

DevOne has been put on hiatus for now, to one day be reborn into a different medium.

Changing Platform

One of the issues I had during the creation of DevOne was being uncomfortable with Adobe Flash. It was not so much being uncomfortable creating using Flash, but rather being uncomfortable with the company and product themselves. At the time, and until fairly recently, very high level security vulnerabilities were coming out against Adobe products on a regular basis. Many of the more nasty net bugs floating around in the last couple of years have had quite a helping hand due to those vulnerabilities (and some of them on the level of global spying and espionage).

Not to say I won’t be releasing Flash content, I’m just happy I don’t have to rely on it as the main creation tool (and have the option to not rely on it at all).

Unity is the key

Unity is a wonderful development tool that I have picked up in the interim and has become my primary creation tool. Unity has made it very easy to incorporate many of the other tools I have enjoyed working with over the years, including GIMP and Blender. Blender has taken a bit of relearning, particularly with its recent interface update, and I’ve found and begun learning some other tools to round out my games – such as LMMS for music creation. Sure enough, every spare moment I’ve been able to grab has been full.

In conclusion for now

I’ll likely write some posts on the tools I use at some point, but for now I will mostly be preparing for the release on my current as of yet unnamed game and story. More on that later, for now I just wanted to let everyone know I’m still here. I will leave you with a teaser though, my new blog header image is a work in progress related to the promo image for the game’s promo story :).

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Flash Fiction: “The Game: World Domination!”

1.e4The Game: World Domination!

He felt the power coursing through his veins. Maybe it was the massive, itchy welt that burned on his leg where the spider bit him yesterday. Radioactive? Maybe it was the falling star that streaked across the sky last night, surely a message from another world. Whatever the reason, it was his now. All of it!

The power; he could shift continents. The acute senses; he could smell a roast cooking on the other side of the world. The focused, manifolded, honed intellect. He had been preparing for this moment for all of his life, and now he had the means to achieve his goal. The men followed him without question, but now he could lead them personally; the devastating spearhead that would drive his ambition home.

He stood at the front of the battlefield and his army stood behind him, ready, willing. He turned to address his men. It was going to be a long, bloody war; nothing worth having comes easy.

“Some of you will not be coming back!” He shouted out. His strong voice boomed over the crowd and the wind itself carried his words out to all of his men. They cheered uproariously. To quote a famous saying – today is a good day to die.

“But that’s okay, because when the history books are written it will show you died fighting in my army. And death at my side, it will be said,” He paused and looked at each of his men, “will be a glorious victory for any soldier!”

The cheering of his men rose to such a climax that the world to shook in fear. He raised his hand and they fell silent at once, ready to strike, waiting for the battle cry from their leader.

He kept his hand raised, feeling the energy vibrations of his waiting men rise to a crescendo, waiting to shout out the warcry that would unleash the fury of his army.



“Billy, your roast is served. Wash your hands and come to the table!”

How? How could defeat come so easily?

“Aw, mom! How many times do I need to tell you it’s Thorius Zuesicon, Supreme Leader of the New World!”

“Come eat, Billy. You really should go out and meet new people. That board game is much more fun when played with a friend.”

Zuesicon shook his head. She just didn’t understand.

Victory will come another day!

By Art Pacheco
Flash Fiction contest entry – Theme: Super Powers
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Flash Fiction: Breakdown


I have been running, and hiding, for what seems like an eternity. It is all I can remember. It feels like I have crossed these lands time and again, always hunted, always fleeing. Sometimes I stop and rest, like now; it is so peaceful, so quiet. But I am always found, like now.

“Hello.” His voice is like a breeze: soft, subtle.

“I felt you coming.”

“I know.”

“Why, why do you hunt me? Why can’t you leave me to rest.”

I could feel his response starting to form with a smile. It is warm, inviting. It scares me, I shrink back.

“Because I love you. We all do… my brothers, my children, myself.”

The warmth of his smile begins to burn me. The words confuse me for a moment, but the realization surfaces. Yes, it is true. There are others like him, forcing me away from my moments of peace and solitude, forcing me to retreat. His brothers, they haunt me, they taunt me when he is not around; but they do not attack me here as viciously as he does. His children do, though. They drive me away from the places that he cannot reach. They are as cruel to me as he is — maybe more.

“I don’t want to run any more. I am old, I am tired. Please just let me be.” If I had the energy in me to weep, my eyes would be filled with tears. But I am too tired.

“After all this time, you still forget our conversations?” he says, smiling and stepping closer. I take a step back. He is trying to overtake me again. “We don’t attack you, mother. We don’t mean to do you harm. You do not need to fear us.”

Mother? “What are you saying? Why are you doing this? You are trying to confuse me!” He steps closer again and I stumble and fall back, scrambling to keep my distance. His smile grows warmer and he is now outstretching his arms. It’s a false pretense, he wants to shatter me. His children begin to stir and they will soon join him, their attacks will be relentless.

And then a memory returns. A hidden thought of a time long ago, when I was alone. The solitude was absolute, and absolutely lonely. I bore fruit, a child to fill my emptiness, and from that fruit he was born. He and his brothers. It was a violent birth and they tore me to shreds. I fled as they grew, as they clawed and ripped and forced me away. They were angry and powerful, and their childhood was filled with violence. Violence against me. I found places to hide here but he continued to hunt me, he wanted to consume me, and when it was not enough he bore his own children and they too began to hunt me.

My introspection is crushed as he moves closer, still smiling. “If I am your mother, why do you do this?” I cry out at him. His smile still burns me. “Why do you try to destroy me?”

“We do not try to destroy you. We merely strive to… be.” He walks towards me faster now and I scurry away, getting back to my feet and looking for escape. For a brief moment I am still out of his reach. “You forget so easily. You’ve been here long before you gave birth to us. You will be here long after we are gone. We only fight to exist.” He said it as he jumped at me, his face coming into view and his arms tearing at me. He is suddenly everywhere at once.

I cannot bear it. “Why?” I shout. I run again, trying to find a place of solace. I escape his grasp, barely, as I always do. But he is still there, still hunting. I search for a place to rest.

“We deserve to be here,” he calls after me. “I am radiant…” he shouts, still smiling, “and you are not.”

And just before the memory fades again, I understand.

I am naught.

By Art Pacheco
Flash Fiction contest entry – Theme: Darkness
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DevOne – Trailer vid

Well, like the weather, life’s been a bit stormy recently. Moving forward with DevOne has been a bit slow, but the game is complete and looking for sponsors. Hopefully it will be released soon. In the meantime, I have started work on my next project and will release info as I progress far enough to have info to release :).

Also in the meantime, I have some treats. First is a video trailer for the game so you can get a quick preview of what will be released. Next, I came across some old Flash Fiction stories that I posted a while back. Flash Fiction are micro stories, generally less than 1000 words in length. I will repost them here every so often. I hope you enjoy them.

Here’s the DevOne preview video:

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DevOne – Sneek Peek!

“It has been a year since the situation was discovered, a problem that began suddenly and with little warning. Small creatures made mostly of energy and resembling hovering jellyfish began to appear all across the world and feed off any power source they could permeate.”

Here it is, the first sneek peek of my upcoming game, DevOne. It’s time to push hard on finishing up the game and readying it for some peer critiques, to be followed by my search for a sponsor. If all things go well enough, I’m hoping to have the game released by Feb at the latest. More peeks forthcoming :). Don’t forget to visit ETP Games on Facebook and Twitter.

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