The History of Things, Pt.2 – HL2, Torchlight, and Flash

The Destined: Torchlight Mod imageWhile enjoying the creative process rekindled by Ryzom, I began to dig a bit deeper into game creation. Being a huge fan of the Half-Life series, gravitation to the Source engine was inevitable. I began to embark on an ambitious plan to create a story-based Mod and learned quite a bit – but like I said, it was an ambitious goal. Unfortunately I had a system crash and when that got corrected with a new motherboard, Steam had apparently updated Source in such a way that all my work simply ended in AppCrash.

With the death of my Source project, and due to various other things in life, I stepped away for a while. Eventually, the gaming bug returned and I happily discovered Runic Games’ Torchlight to fill some time. It’s quite a fun time killer, and the game editor provides lots of options for modification. I focused my attention on creating a completed project with Torchlight as the platform.

I am pretty happy with the end result. The Torchlight Mod called The Destined was born and has had a seemingly successful life at the Runic Games Fansite, a repository for mods and Torchlight info. The Destined is a story based mod (notice a theme?) that I used to investigate the story of Torchlight and the possibilities of a sequel, which was actually confirmed very shortly before the mod was ready for release. Overall, it was an enjoyable process to create the mod and feedback has been good.

In the process of creating The Destined, I ran across some information that answered some questions that had been floating around the back of my mind for quite some time. I discovered usable information on using FlashDevelop and the Adobe Flex framework to create Flash applications. And that’s where things are now, creating Flash games for people to enjoy.

Stay tuned for sneak peaks to my upcoming game, DevOne.


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