Flash Fiction: “The Game: World Domination!”

1.e4The Game: World Domination!

He felt the power coursing through his veins. Maybe it was the massive, itchy welt that burned on his leg where the spider bit him yesterday. Radioactive? Maybe it was the falling star that streaked across the sky last night, surely a message from another world. Whatever the reason, it was his now. All of it!

The power; he could shift continents. The acute senses; he could smell a roast cooking on the other side of the world. The focused, manifolded, honed intellect. He had been preparing for this moment for all of his life, and now he had the means to achieve his goal. The men followed him without question, but now he could lead them personally; the devastating spearhead that would drive his ambition home.

He stood at the front of the battlefield and his army stood behind him, ready, willing. He turned to address his men. It was going to be a long, bloody war; nothing worth having comes easy.

“Some of you will not be coming back!” He shouted out. His strong voice boomed over the crowd and the wind itself carried his words out to all of his men. They cheered uproariously. To quote a famous saying – today is a good day to die.

“But that’s okay, because when the history books are written it will show you died fighting in my army. And death at my side, it will be said,” He paused and looked at each of his men, “will be a glorious victory for any soldier!”

The cheering of his men rose to such a climax that the world to shook in fear. He raised his hand and they fell silent at once, ready to strike, waiting for the battle cry from their leader.

He kept his hand raised, feeling the energy vibrations of his waiting men rise to a crescendo, waiting to shout out the warcry that would unleash the fury of his army.



“Billy, your roast is served. Wash your hands and come to the table!”

How? How could defeat come so easily?

“Aw, mom! How many times do I need to tell you it’s Thorius Zuesicon, Supreme Leader of the New World!”

“Come eat, Billy. You really should go out and meet new people. That board game is much more fun when played with a friend.”

Zuesicon shook his head. She just didn’t understand.

Victory will come another day!

By Art Pacheco
Flash Fiction contest entry – Theme: Super Powers
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