Still alive and kicking

One year.

Scratch that… Over one year.

Yeah, that’s how long it’s been since my last update. I didn’t fully fall off the face of the earth, but there’s been quite a few things going on in my family life that has mostly kept me away from the public side of ETP Games. Not that I haven’t been working on creative products; I’ve just been neglecting this space, sadly.

When last I visited

I had been finishing up my game, DevOne. While wrapping up some things related to the game and release, I started getting back into my artwork a bit and created a deviantART space as part of that exploration. You can find me on deviantART at:

A Mouse named Emissary

DevOne has been put on hiatus for now, to one day be reborn into a different medium.

Changing Platform

One of the issues I had during the creation of DevOne was being uncomfortable with Adobe Flash. It was not so much being uncomfortable creating using Flash, but rather being uncomfortable with the company and product themselves. At the time, and until fairly recently, very high level security vulnerabilities were coming out against Adobe products on a regular basis. Many of the more nasty net bugs floating around in the last couple of years have had quite a helping hand due to those vulnerabilities (and some of them on the level of global spying and espionage).

Not to say I won’t be releasing Flash content, I’m just happy I don’t have to rely on it as the main creation tool (and have the option to not rely on it at all).

Unity is the key

Unity is a wonderful development tool that I have picked up in the interim and has become my primary creation tool. Unity has made it very easy to incorporate many of the other tools I have enjoyed working with over the years, including GIMP and Blender. Blender has taken a bit of relearning, particularly with its recent interface update, and I’ve found and begun learning some other tools to round out my games – such as LMMS for music creation. Sure enough, every spare moment I’ve been able to grab has been full.

In conclusion for now

I’ll likely write some posts on the tools I use at some point, but for now I will mostly be preparing for the release on my current as of yet unnamed game and story. More on that later, for now I just wanted to let everyone know I’m still here. I will leave you with a teaser though, my new blog header image is a work in progress related to the promo image for the game’s promo story :).

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