Final steps to release.

At this point I think everything is a go, build-wise. I’ve requested an IndieDB page for Meteoroids! and am waiting for approval. The next step would be to see what’s involved in wrangling the code to work with Kongregate for the web release; hopefully it will follow shortly after main release. Then to solidifying the media for the game and hitting up blogs and such – spreading the word as best I can.

The short term goal is to gauge interest in the project and gameplay. Given that the interest is there, the longer term goal is to continue development to finish the game. The current free release will be a survival mode of the game; added will be a winnable scenario, akin to a story mode. There may also be an accompanying graphic background story.

The graphic novel idea is something that I’ve wanted to do from the beginning, but is not integral to the releases of the game. I had just wanted to incorporate all the various creative aspects into the creation.

With this game I have so far learned and/or incorporated:

  • 3d modeling with Blender.
  • Graphics and textures with Gimp.
  • Music and sound effects with Linux MultiMedia Studio.
  • Programming C# and Unity3d game engine use.

So the graphic novel (more the size of a small comic) would just round it off. The end goal is to pass along this information to my children from the perspective of actually having completed a full project.

Stay tuned for the download location. I should be providing that update soon!

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