Meteoroids! – Final steps to release: Pt2

Excellent, my IndieDB page is live! You can find it here:

The game itself is completed at this point and I’m shooting for a release of Sept 12, just a few days away! There is always the chance that I might go for a last minute change that might extend that release date, but I doubt it. All that remains is to try and increase awareness for folks to try it out. If you feel like helping, you can FB Like or tweet about us (top right), Thumb up the trailer video, or otherwise just pass the word around.

As mentioned previously, if I can generate interest then I will continue work on the game and introduce a scenario that can be won, rather than just the score crushing survival mode. This story mode will include the ability to manually increase the power of the Resources and Workers and will culminate in creating Resources that will launch and free groups from the obliterating world. So very 2012 :). Hopefully I can even have that version available before the end of the year. The plan is also to include online leaderboards and more social web aspects. Currently, some of that will be available in the Kongregate version once that is released.

For now though, time for press kit creation and telling a bit more about ETP Games and myself. Unfortunately, I always find that to be the hardest part :).

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