The History of Things, Pt.2 – HL2, Torchlight, and Flash

The Destined: Torchlight Mod imageWhile enjoying the creative process rekindled by Ryzom, I began to dig a bit deeper into game creation. Being a huge fan of the Half-Life series, gravitation to the Source engine was inevitable. I began to embark on an ambitious plan to create a story-based Mod and learned quite a bit – but like I said, it was an ambitious goal. Unfortunately I had a system crash and when that got corrected with a new motherboard, Steam had apparently updated Source in such a way that all my work simply ended in AppCrash.

With the death of my Source project, and due to various other things in life, I stepped away for a while. Eventually, the gaming bug returned and I happily discovered Runic Games’ Torchlight to fill some time. It’s quite a fun time killer, and the game editor provides lots of options for modification. I focused my attention on creating a completed project with Torchlight as the platform.

I am pretty happy with the end result. The Torchlight Mod called The Destined was born and has had a seemingly successful life at the Runic Games Fansite, a repository for mods and Torchlight info. The Destined is a story based mod (notice a theme?) that I used to investigate the story of Torchlight and the possibilities of a sequel, which was actually confirmed very shortly before the mod was ready for release. Overall, it was an enjoyable process to create the mod and feedback has been good.

In the process of creating The Destined, I ran across some information that answered some questions that had been floating around the back of my mind for quite some time. I discovered usable information on using FlashDevelop and the Adobe Flex framework to create Flash applications. And that’s where things are now, creating Flash games for people to enjoy.

Stay tuned for sneak peaks to my upcoming game, DevOne.


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The History of Things, Pt.1 – Doors, MUDs, and Ryzom

Long ago, before high speed internet, a time when 14.4 was a drool-worthy number, there were modems and BBSes. And Door games – anyone remember BRE/SRE, LoRD, Phantasia, Tradewars? I had some good times with those games, which lead me to delve into their creation. It fascinated me that there were ways to transform these ideas into games that could be enjoyed by mass amounts of people. Unfortunately I just didn’t have the technical chops or time to do much more than level editing when the game allowed it.

Fast forward a bit and we have the emergence of the internet as an increasingly common tool. BBSes were quickly vanishing and door games with them, but I stumbled upon something similar, something excellent. I discovered MUDs. Imagine world of warcraft, but instead of graphics you had to read text. Your mind provided the visuals. It was great. I began to research programming, obtained source codes, I built worlds. Happy times. Unfortunately I didn’t have the means to host the servers or really share my own creations with others.

Fast forward a wee bit more and the MUDs become graphical. Everquest ravaged the landscape, causing chaos to many peoples lives, the “MMO” was born. I tried it, and was disappointed. It wasn’t nearly as cerebral as some the MUDsĀ  I had come to love, nor was it as dynamic. But the success of the game laid the foundation for many, many clones; some better, many were worse. I tried every so often to join in on the MMORPG craze but usually left disappointed, until I stumbled into one particular game.

Ryzom is a wonderful MMO that is terribly under recognized. It has amazingly phoenixed several times, defying all odds against it. As much as I could talk about Ryzom, I’ll hold back and bring this post to topic. Ryzom is a place where storytellers can flourish. It was the first MMO to release player instantiation tools (contrary to reports otherwise; the Ring player creation tool was released several years prior to CoH’s tools). With this tool, I got my first taste of level design on a much larger scale.

So, with the holidays upon us, I release my two scenarios and the unfinished 3rd issue of my Ryzom fan E-Zine, REZ:

REZ – issue 3 of my Ryzom fan E-Zine, unfortunately unfinished: REZ vol1-3

Dark Alliance – Storyline based scenario for Ryzom: Dark_Alliance-release.7z

Towers – Onslaught styled scenario for Ryzom: Towers2_release-v3.7z

Note: These scenarios are for use in Ryzom’s Ring, they are meant for Ryzom players.

– Sui

Update: For historical purposes, I’m also including links to the previous two versions of REZ



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The journey begins!

One Snowy Night
I’ve finally done it. I’ve release my first game into the wild. This was more of a test of the waters than any sort of attempt at an exceptional game (though I do hope it is fun). After creating what I hope is a solid, yet simple, gameplay mechanic, most of my time went into understanding the distribution options and available APIs.

The game can game can be found here: One Snowy Night. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

On this landscape, there is much work to do on the site and preparations for my next release are well under way. Expect updates to the site to come soon, and information on my next game to begin to emerge sometime next month.


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Rising from the depths

It begins. The ascent from non-existence into the digital world. Right now we’re just a few atoms floating around, but in the upcoming months I hope to bring form to this site.

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